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Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas

  • Open Access
    Motion for democratization of knowledge, enabling contents from scientific journals to be accessed and used with no limitation, online, by anyone, at no cost. Source: DECS Proposta de democratização do conhecimento, permitindo que o conteúdo das revistas científicas possam ser consultados e utilizados irrestritamente, na Internet, por qualquer pessoa, sem custo algum. Fonte: DeCS
  • Authorship and Authors Collaboration
  • Scientific Publication Ethics
    Ethical aspects related to the production of scientific publications and the relationships and conflicts of interest between authors and publishers.
  • Bibliometric Indicators
    Measures of scientific output based on normalized databases of specialized journals and on records that are indicators of number of publications, citation rates and scientific impact, obsolescence, average life etc.
  • Peer Review
    Organized procedure conducted by a selected group of professionals who assesses the performance of other professionals in meeting standards of practice of their specialty. Peer review is used by publishers in the evaluation of articles and manuscripts submitted for publication. It is also conducted to assess large applications and the quality of health care provided to patients.
  • Editorial Policies
  • Guidelines for reporting health research

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